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Sample SAS code

data race; pr = probnorm(-15/sqrt(325)); run; proc print data=race; var pr; run;
Code language: SAS (sas)


Sample R code

> # We can use the print() function > print("Hello World!") [1] "Hello World!" > # Quotes can be suppressed in the output > print("Hello World!", quote = FALSE) [1] Hello World! > # If there are more than 1 item, we can concatenate using paste() > print(paste("How","are","you?")) [1] "How are you?"
Code language: R (r)


Sample SQL code

insert into emp values (1,'JOHNSON','ADMIN',6,'12-17-1990',18000,NULL,4) insert into emp values (2,'HARDING','MANAGER',9,'02-02-1998',52000,300,3) insert into emp values (3,'TAFT','SALES I',2,'01-02-1996',25000,500,3) insert into emp values (4,'HOOVER','SALES I',2,'04-02-1990',27000,NULL,3) insert into emp values (5,'LINCOLN','TECH',6,'06-23-1994',22500,1400,4)
Code language: SQL (Structured Query Language) (sql)


Sample Python code

# This program prints Hello, world! print('Hello, world!')
Code language: Python (python)


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