Big Data & Analytics

2023 大数据分析夏令营

学期结束,暑假将至。SparkData 针对许多学生寻找实习工作和申请研究生的需求,精心设计和量身定制这个为期三个月的 “大数据分析夏令营”。通过这个夏令营,您可以迅速获得 Python 编程和大数据分析的基本技能,为今后的职业生涯迈出第一步。

2022 年夏令营的学员,已经有 5 位学员分别找到  IBM,RBC Bank, Scotia Bank ,  Advantage Consulting, University of Toronto 等公司的带薪实习工作。有关详情,请扫码垂询!

2023 全栈软件开发夏令营


培训结束后,SparkData 将提供培训证书和经历证明,以帮助大家寻找工作和申请研究生。有关详情,请扫码垂询!


This training program is suitable for people who have SAS, R or Python programming skills. You can choose any of the above 3 tools to work on projects. This intensive training will focus on both technical skills such as programming, statistical analyses and more important, domain knowledge and business insights. It will enable you to gain the fundamental knowledge and skills for business analytics quickly.

It includes 4 hands-on projects in customer marketing and risk management, covering financial, telecom, and retail and credit risk industries:

  • Customer Distribution and Deactivation Analyses of Wireless Telecom Business.
  • Financial Campaign Development and Management
  • Distribution, Profiling and RFM Analyses of Retail Customers
  • Credit Risk Analytics and Management

Your gain:

  • Hands-on experience, domain knowledge, business insights and analytic skills in consumer insights and business analytics.
  • Tailor resumes by industry experts and distinguished professionals.
  • Improve interview skills by interview clinic
  • Help with job offer negotiation and reference check.
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