Structured Query Language (SQL) is a data query tool built in with relational databases such as Oracle, DB2, Teradata, SQL Server etc. 

For data analysts and scientists, SQL programming is a must-have skill set, because all the corporate data  is stored in relational databases. The first step in our daily work is to access and extract data from our corporate warehouse.

Recently, big data has been attracting the attention of data professionals from many fields. Numerous companies, institutes, governments are migrating from traditional databases to Hadoop to store, manage and analyze data. Therefore, this course will include:

  • Develop SQL queries in a real database environment to access and extract data from remote databases.
  • Perform data manipulation and analysis with SQL programming:
    Sort/dedup data, subset and expand data, data aggregation and rollup, data reshape and mutation, create analytic reports.
  • Upgrade and extend SQL skills to Hive/Spark programming, which enable you to work with the industry leading Hadoop and GCP databases.
  • Assign homework after each lecture and a financial case study for you to practice.
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