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Justin Jia, PhD

Senior Data Scientist and Analytics Consultant

  • Over 10 years of experiences in credit risk analytics and management, customer marketing, campaign analytics and measurement in financial and credit risk industries.
  • 7 years of predictive modeling and business consulting experiences for clients in financial, insurance, telecommunications and retail industries.
  • An expert in big data analytics, machine learning, statistical analyses and a technical guru in SAS/SQL/R/Python/Hive/Spark programming.
  • Worked as a Sessional Faculty in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McMaster University in 2016, and taught the  “ STATS 3A03: Applied Regression With SAS ” course, a mandatory course for the 3rd year students in financial mathematics and actuarial program.
  • Published 7 SAS papers and gave oral presentations at international and national conferences.
  1.  Know Your Tools Before You Use ,  2017, Orlando, Florida, USA.
  2.  Missing Values, They Are NOT Nothing ,  2016, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  3.  Product Purchase Sequence Analyses By Using Horizontal Data SortingTechnique ,  2016, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
  4.  Yes, SAS® can do! — Manage External Files With SAS Programming ,  2015, Dallas, Texas, USA.
  5.  Proc Tabulate: Extending This Powerful Tool Beyond Its Limitations ,  2014, Washington DC, USA.
  6.  Automatic Statistical Association Analyses Using SAS Macro Programs ,  2014, Washington DC, USA.
  7.  Horizontal Data Sorting and Insightful Reporting: A Useful SAS® Technique ,  2013, San Francisco, California, USA.


Dr. Justin Jia 毕业于 McMaster University, 获得工程博士学位。资深大数据专家,10 年金融和信贷风险分析经验。先后任职于 CIBC 银行和国际信用机构。2016 年,在母校 McMaster 大学数学与统计系任教,教授  “3A03: Applied Regression with SAS“,为精算数学专业大三必修课 。

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