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Career planning is so important for a productive career path. We assess each client’s value and career path based on each one’s background. We can then help them to choose the suitable careers, train them on the required skills and help them in job seeking. These assessments include:

  • Education:       Science, Engineering, Arts….?
  • Experience:     Any full time work, co-op, intern or volunteer experience?
  • Skills:                Do you have any programming experience before?
  • Personality:    What are the distinct characteristics of your personality?
  • Interest:           What you like and dislike about work?
  • Salary level:    What’s your salary expectation?

We use our expertise to help you understand yourself better and then discover the opportunities that suit your interests, passions and goals. Please contact us for details:

To help our clients to step into this industry, we provide below training and coaching:

  • Train on the required skills, industry knowledge and business insights.
  • Revise and tailor Resume/Cover Letter based on each one’s background and experiences.
  • Prepare interviews with real technical questions and general behaviour questions.
  • Improve interview skills by interview clinic: From good to great!
  • Job offer negotiation and reference check.

Believe, act and celebrate!

Our Success

Ever since 2013, we have trained and coached hundreds of students, and more than 90% of them are successful in stepping into this industry. These students now work as data analysts and scientists in the major banks such as RBC, TD, BMO, CIBC, Scotia Bank, telecom companies such as Bell Canada, Rogers, Telus, retail companies such as Loblaw’s, Canadian Tire and government sectors as well.

Our Students Now Work At

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