SparkData provides big data analytics and consulting services to clients in different industries. We develop and deliver analytical solutions and business strategies with frontier technology, expertise and impactful business insights.

Our Data Analytics team is composed of distinguished data scientists and analysts with rich experiences in financial, insurance, telecom, credit risk and retail industries. These data professionals are technical gurus with in-depth domain knowledge and keen business insights, and they are expert in leveraging big data and delivering analytical solutions for our clients.

Our consulting services fall into below 3 categories:

Data, Process, Intelligence

Data, Process, Intelligence

As data volumes increase, it’s nearly impossible to quickly and accurately process business data and spot hidden trends, patterns and business drivers. SparkData helps our clients to combine data across all sources to put insights into action faster, and automate the data reporting processes to save time and labor.

By utilizing the industry leading tools such as SAS, Python, R, Hive, Spark, Tableau etc., we design and build automated processes for our clients to generate daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports automatically and accurately, which will save a lot of time and improve work efficiency significantly. These recurring reports will help a business to monitor and track the key performance indicators (KPIs) and grow business intelligence. Actually, they provide an accurate road map for a business to move forward.  

Discover, Enhance, Improve

Analytical Solutions on Consumer Insights and Business Strategies

SparkData provides customized consulting services in business analytics, consumer insights and business strategies for our valuable clients. We develop and deliver analytical solutions and business insights in quantitative marketing research, database marketing, customer value analyses, credit risk analytics and management, digital marketing and web analytics etc. For example, we help our e-Commerce clients to analyze their web traffic data in terms of click stream analysis (visits and visitors, web impressions, clicks, bounce rates, exit rates, engagement time, traffic analysis), conversion analysis (click through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), cost per action (CPA), return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) rate, ROI rate) etc. We deliver them with deep-dive analytic insights and provide them with recommendations to improve their web design and optimize their digital marketing campaigns.

Analyze, Predict, Decide

Advanced Analytics by Machine Learning and Predictive Modeling 

Machine learning and predictive modeling utilizes statistics and mathematics in order to predict future outcomes. Through artificial intelligence and statistical modeling, we can use current and historical customer data to predict future behaviors of customers. Customer response, customer churn and attrition, credit loan default etc. are all examples of concepts involving statistical modeling. Predictive models can be used for various business activities such as customer acquisition, upsell/cross sell campaigns, customer retention/win-back campaigns, credit loan adjudication, credit risk analysis and management, collections and recovery etc.

Predictive modeling is the core technology behind key analytic processes and models such as database marketing, customer loyalty and retention, customer churn and win back, credit risk analysis and management etc. Predictive analytics let you forecast results and optimize outcomes.

For example, we leverage and analyze the historical Amazon e-Commerce data and Air B&B data for our clients, we look into the customer distribution and behaviors with respect to demographic and bizographic characteristics. We employ artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to build time series models to forecast the sales trends and pricing fluctuations. These analytics provide our clients with valuable information in understanding customer behaviors, predicting future trends and giving data support for their fact-based decision making.


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