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SparkData 培训助理



职位名称: 培训助理
工作类型:    兼职,$40~50/每小时
工作方式: 远程


  • 帮助讲师准备培训材料。
  • 批阅学员的程序代码(code review), 进行评分和给出改进意见。
  • 收集和听取学生对培训的反馈意见和建议。


  • 本科或者硕士学历,理工/数学/统计专业。
  • 至少2年 SAS/SQL/R/Python 编程经验,熟练使用这些分析工具。
  • 注意细节,认真负责和出色的交流能力。

感兴趣者请发简历至:  我们将联系符合条件者,安排技术测试和面试。


Campus Consulate

Job Title:                      Campus Consulate                        
Category:                      Part-time
Work location:             Remotely             
Posting Date:              2021-02-06

Company Overview:
SparkData is a growing company engaging in education, training and consulting services. We provide extensive training programs on big data analytics and career development, such as SAS/SQL/R/Python/Hive/Spark programming, business analytics, consumer data analysis, database marketing, risk analysis and management etc. We also offer big data analytics and consulting services to clients, develop and deliver analytical solutions with frontier technology, expertise and keen business insights. Please visit our website for more information.

About the role:
This Campus Consulate role serves as a principal contact and bridge between SparkData and on-campus students or alumni. You will present our products, identify new markets and customer leads, and pitch prospective customers. In the meantime, you will collect the feedback and suggestions from university students and provide SparkData with recommendations for better services.


  • Bachelor degree or undergraduate students majoring in Science, Engineering, Maths, Statistics, Business, Economics etc.
  • Good knowledge and skills in using Micro Soft Office suite.      
  • Strong communication and presentation skills, good at multi-tasking.
  • Great leadership, organizational skills with passion to interact and communicate with students. 
  • Previous relevant experience is preferred but not required.
  • Fluency in both spoken and written English and Chinese.

If you are interested, please send a cover letter along with your resume to: Please note that only the suitable candidates will be contacted for an interview.

SparkData 校园大使

职位名称:  校园大使
工作类型:    Part-time
工作方式:  远程



校园大使,是 SparkData 与众多在校学生的联络渠道和桥梁。其主要工作内容为:介绍 SparkData 的产品和服务给感兴趣的学生,收集和听取学生对 SparkData 的反馈意见和建议。


  •     本科或者研究生在读学生,专业背景为理工/数学/统计/商科/经济等。
  •     熟练使用 MS Office 办公软件。中英文俱佳。
  •     出色的交流能力,组织能力和领导能力。
  •     有相关经验者优先考虑。

感兴趣者请发简历至:  我们将联系符合条件者,安排面试

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